Panic Disorder

Feeling fear in stressful situations is normal. However, when fear occurs without warning or proportion to the situation at hand, these symptoms may indicate panic disorder. A panic attack is a sudden feeling of fear or losing control that occurs without warning and without a “triggering” event. Many people also experience symptoms similar to a heart attack at the same time. Because panic attacks can happen at any time, they often limit the normal activities of those who suffer from them.

What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

The physical and emotional symptoms of panic disorder include:

  • Sudden and repeated attacks of fear
  • Feeling out of control over when or where the next attack will occur
  • Avoiding places or situations that have caused panic attacks in the past
  • Sweating, dizziness, chest pain, or a racing heartbeat

People who experience panic disorder may feel some, many, or all of these symptoms at once, in addition to other symptoms that are less common. Women are also more likely than men to develop and experience panic disorders. Regardless of which symptoms are present, panic attacks have a significant impact on quality of life and interactions with others.

If you experience panic attacks, Tamber can help. Our therapists, specialists and psychiatrists understand how unnerving panic disorder is, and they focus on helping you feel better faster.