Anxiety is your mind and body’s natural response to stress, and it can be beneficial in dealing with change. However, sometimes people become overly anxious, or anxious too often, and it negatively affects their daily lives.

What Does Anxiety Disorder Feel Like?

Although there are many types of anxiety, they often result in the same symptoms. The most common are:

  • Excessive or irrational fear
  • Feeling sweaty, light-headed or nauseous
  • Feeling out of control, or like the world is crumbling around you
  • Inability to concentrate or catch your breath

People suffering from anxiety may feel some, many or all of these symptoms at once, as well as other symptoms that are less common. Many also have additional conditions, such as depression or substance abuse. Any of these symptoms have a significant impact on quality of life and interactions with others.

If you experience anxiety, Tamber can help. Our therapists, specialists and physicians understand how you feel, and they focus on helping you feel better faster.