Notice of Tamber's Privacy Policy Regarding Minors

Because you are a minor under the age of 18, there are special laws that govern the privacy of your protected health information (PHI). This Notice of Tamber’s Privacy Policy Regarding Minors (“Minors Notice”) describes your privacy rights as a minor and the circumstances under which Tamber may share your PHI with your parent, guardian, or other personal representative. This Minors Notice does not replace or amend Tamber’s Notice of Privacy Practices, and the two notices should be read together as one complete description of how medical information about you may be used or disclosed by Tamber.

Under applicable Federal and State privacy laws, your parent or guardian (or another person who is in the position of your parent) is typically responsible for making decisions regarding your medical and mental health needs and for controlling your health information/PHI. Moreover, it is Tamber’s standard policy to involve such individuals in your care and treatment as much as possible. Accordingly, Tamber will treat your personal representative (your parent or guardian who is responsible for your care) in the same way that it would treat any other Tamber patient for purposes of protecting your health information. In other words, Tamber may and will share your health information with your personal representative, and such individual will be responsible for maintaining the privacy of your health information. Additionally, a Tamber physician or other licensed health care professional, in the exercise of his or her professional judgment, may disclose your health information to a parent or a guardian that is not acting as your personal representative, if he or she believes it is in your best interest.

Please note that, under Minnesota law, you may consent to substance abuse treatment if you believe you are addicted to such substances, without the consent or knowledge of your parent, guardian, or personal representative. However, it remains Tamber’s standard policy to disclose such care or treatment to your parent, guardian, or other personal representative, regardless of whether you consent or expressly object to such disclosure.

Tamber will not disclose your health information/PHI wwith your parent, guardian, or other personal representative if Tamber has a reasonable belief that you have been subjected to domestic violence, abuse, or neglect by such individual or that such a disclosure would put you in danger or would otherwise not be in your best interests (as determined in the professional judgment of a Tamber health care professional).

Regardless of anything to the contrary in this Minors Notice, Tamber will not share your health information/PHI with your parent, guardian, or other personal representative if you

  1. are married,
  2. have a child, or
  3. are living separate and apart from parents or legal guardian and are managing your own personal financial affairs.

In such a situation, Tamber will afford you the same privacy rights as a competent adult treated by Tamber.

This Minors Notice applies to all minor patients who are treated by Tamber in the State of Minnesota.

Effective Date: 04/15/2014.