Patient Understanding and Consent to Participate in Tamber Services

Tamber Services

Tamber clinicians work with you – and other care providers you may have – to provide integrated treatment for your symptoms. During the time we are involved in your care, we may provide some or all of the following services:

  1. Provide assessment. The Tamber Symptom Assessment uses standardized questionnaires to identify symptoms you may be experiencing.
  2. Provide psychotherapy. Psychotherapy may be an important part of your treatment plan.
  3. Provide medication management. A more intensive treatment plan may include having a Tamber psychiatrist or nurse practitioner directly manage your behavioral health medications. This is to carefully select and optimize the behavioral health medications that help you feel better.
  4. Provide a diagnostic interview or consultation. If your health is not improving as well or as quickly as we expect, a Tamber care team member may provide a diagnostic interview or consultation to find out why and recommend a more intensive treatment plan. Additional visits may be necessary to ensure that the more intensive treatment plan is working.
  5. Provide care coordination. A Tamber nurse or clinical social worker will serve as your care coordinator and follow up with you to provide support, answer your questions, use assessments to see how you are doing from time to time, and encourage you to continue making progress on your treatment plan.
  6. Provide services in-office, by telephone, by telemedicine, and online. We can provide clinical service to you in a variety of settings – including on-line or by telemedicine. The service setting will depend on your needs and your preferences.
  7. Provide integration with your other care providers. Tamber will work with your primary care provider – or other care providers you may have – to provide integrated treatment for your symptoms.
  8. Provide referrals. Some services are difficult or impossible to provide in a primary care clinic. In these cases, Tamber’s clinical social workers help refer you to the appropriate resource.

To start providing you care, we ask for your consent to participate in Tamber services. As a Tamber patient, you can expect the following rights and responsibilities.

Patient Rights

Tamber will:

  1. Always work to help you feel better.
  2. Treat you with dignity, respect, and with an expectation that you will get better.
  3. Respect your decisions about your care.
  4. Respect your privacy, which includes limiting our interactions to appointments and phone calls. We will not interact with you through social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Establish clear boundaries of our professional relationship with you.
  6. Use evidence-based guidelines when making recommendations or providing treatment.
  7. Coordinate with other care providers you may have.
  8. Discuss your care regularly in our care team meetings.
  9. Be transparent about how much you will have to pay for our services.
  10. Answer any questions you may have about Tamber.

Patient Responsibilities

Tamber expects that you will:

  1. Believe you are going to feel better.
  2. Take charge of your health care and ask questions so that you can make informed and educated decisions about your care.
  3. Try your best to follow your treatment plan, including completing the assessments that help us track if you are feeling better.
  4. Contact your care team if you are getting discouraged, feeling worse, or considering discontinuing a treatment.
  5. Keep all scheduled appointments, whether in-office, by telephone, by telemedicine, or online.
  6. Give 24-hour notice whenever possible if you need to reschedule an appointment.
  7. Try your best to accurately provide information relevant to your health and paying for your care.
  8. Treat your care team with dignity and respect.

Patient Consent

By agreeing and consenting to the above terms of service, you give permission to Tamber and its associated psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, nurses, and other health care providers and agents to perform the medical, health care, and social services that your physicians and other non-physician providers and assistants may deem to be necessary, including, but not limited to, physical examinations, diagnostic and laboratory testing, and various treatment procedures, and further, to determine when it is appropriate for these services to be delivered in-office, or by telephone, or by telemedicine, or online. You also acknowledge that you have been given, and while working with Tamber will consistently be given, the right to ask questions about the medical, health care, and social services provided or recommended by Tamber.

By agreeing and consenting, you also affirm that your ability to consent is not impaired by any physical or mental conditions, that your right to consent to medical services has not been removed by a court of law, and that you do not have an alternative decision-maker, such as a guardian or conservator.

You have a right to decline participation in Tamber services. If you do not wish to participate in Tamber services, please do not agree and consent to this policy. We can assist you in discussing alternative care.

This consent is valid for two years from the date you affirm that you agree and consent. If you are participating in Tamber services two years from the date you agree and consent, you will be asked to review these statements again and agree to continue participating in Tamber services. If at any time you change your mind about participating in Tamber services, you can withdraw your consent.

Effective Date: 04/15/2014.